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AEDs in Businesses & Corporations

One of the biggest investments any company can make is in its employees. In fact, employees can be considered a company’s number one asset. It is therefore necessary to protect your employees from the leading cause of death in the United States, sudden cardiac arrest, with a rescue-ready AED unit easily accessible on work premises.

Studies indicate that in the United States, there are over 450,000 cardiac arrest related deaths—killing more people than car accidents, breast cancer, fire, and AIDS combined. Unlike heart attacks, sudden cardiac can affect people of all ages, sex, and health status. The use of an automated external defibrillator (AED), administered as soon as possible, is the only effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest.

The American Heart Association strongly recommends businesses and corporations implement life-saving AED programs to increase the chances of survival for their employees who have heart-related emergencies. With an AED program, a person will be better prepared to save the life of a colleague, friend, or supervisor.

AEDs in the Workplace Save Lives

Here are some of the reasons companies should invest in Automated External Defibrillators in the workplace:

  • Defibrillation within 3 minutes of sudden cardiac arrest increases chances of survival by 70%.
  • Defibrillation within 1 minute of collapse increases the chances of survival by 90%.
  • The delay in treatment caused by waiting for emergency responders (approximately 9 minutes) could result in death. 95% of people who experience sudden cardiac arrest die as a result, mainly because of delay in treatment.
  • OSHA recommends having AEDs in the workplace.
  • Many insurance companies now offer rate reductions on liability insurance if AEDs are provided in the workplace.
  • Workers can be easily trained to: recognize sudden cardiac arrest and notify EMS professionals, perform CPR, provide early defibrillation with an Automated External Defibrillators, and care for the victim until EMS personnel arrive.

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More and more companies are now making AEDs available in the workplace. Not only do AEDs protect a company’s employees, they provide employers with peace of mind, and protection from negligence lawsuits. Having a defibrillator in the workplace can therefore mean the difference between the life and death of both individuals and companies. American AED offers comprehensive bundle packages that will fit the needs of all employers.