Make sure your AED unit is always ready for use with our pads & battery AED Maintenance Subscription Program.


AED Maintenance Subscription Program – 1 Year


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    $99 A Year Maintenance Program

    What Good is your AED if the Battery is dead or if the electrode pads are expired?

    Important information about your AED unit.

    All electrode pads and batteries are disposable and need to be replaced. These may have different expiration dates and managing them can be a hassle. Let us maintain your AED for you.

    All American AED customers can enroll in our exclusive $99-a-year-maintenance-program. Includes electrode pads and battery. This program is designed to ensure that your AED unit is ready to rescue with fresh pads and batteries at all time.

    This Maintenance Program Includes.

    Automatic Replenishment of Electrode Pads And Batteries

    We keep track of your AED’s pads and batteries expiration dates and we ship them to you 14 days before they expire. You do not pay extra, electrode pads and battery are included.

    Web Portal

    Login 24/7 to review your AED dates, manage your subscription, and your contact information.

    Dedicated Customer Service

    Any questions or issues about your AED? A dedicated customer service representative will be available Monday-Friday, 09:00AM – 05:30PM EST

    Save Money & Time

    This program is design to save money as well. On average, it can save you over $300 in period of 6 years of replacing the pads and batteries.