Take The Uncertainty Out Of AED Ownership

A comprehensive program that keeps abreast of evolving AED legislation.
Ensuring that your organization is compliant, protected, and prepared.

CheckMyAED Online AED Management Program

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Why Choose American AED?

  • Designed with you in mind. As busy as life is, managing your AEDs should not add to your list. Intuitive and simple, our AED program was planned from the ground up to give you everything you need and filter out what you do not.
  • Created by professionals. We understand what it means to use an AED and what must be in place before and after an event.
  • AED management program for all. Whether a neighborhood church with one AED or a nationwide organization with several hundred, your program is tailored to fit your specific size and requirements.
  • Backed by the best team. We’ve partnered with top physicians in the fields of Cardiology and Emergency Medicine, doctors who are dedicated about stopping the epidemic of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Medical Oversight & EMS Registration

  • Medical oversight and direction through our nationwide network of leading physycians
  • Physician prescription for each AED (renewed annually)
  • State/local AED registration as required

Customized Web Portal

  • AED Tracking – site, location, serial number; battery/electrode tracking
  • Documented inspection histories
  • CPR/AED certification tracking for trained responders

Automated Email Notifications & Alerts

  • 60/30 day battery and electrode expiration notification
  • 60/30 day training certification expiration notifications
  • Monthly inspection email reminders
  • Immediate notification alerts for failed AED inspections

Complete Post Event Services

  • Loaner AED immediately sent with postage paid return box for deployed AED
  • AED data download, physician review, and required Post Event reporting
  • AED inspected, re-stocked, cleaned and returned

On-going Support

  • Assigned personal account specialist
  • Assistance with AED protocol/configuration updates
  • On-going liability and safety consultation

Mobile & Advanced

  • Mobile App for Android and iOS
  • QR/Barcode scanning functionality
  • Remote monitoring integration options