AED Solution For Schools & Athletic Programs

AED For Schools & Athletic Programs

Ensure The Safety Of Your Staff, Students & School Visitors With Access To An Automated External Defibrillator

Each year, nearly 7,000 young adults suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. Although the incidence of cardiac arrest is higher in adults than children and adolescents, studies suggest that cardiac arrest in children is increasing. We see it in the news far too often lately: a student at football practice, playing baseball, or simply walking to class collapses and dies from sudden cardiac arrest. When such a tragedy occurs, most people assume there is nothing they can do. But there is: immediate medical treatment—before paramedics arrive—with CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Although most public schools cannot afford to have emergency medical professionals on school grounds for after-school activities or during school hours, they can afford to have an easy-to-use AED on campus in order to provide life-saving defibrillation and CPR to victims of cardiac arrest. Schools exist for the purpose of preparing young adults for life, so doesn’t it make sense that they should be prepared to save lives? Every school and college campus should have an AED, especially those with athletic programs. Some schools are taking the initiative to be prepared for sudden cardiac arrest, while in others, state legislatures have mandated the placement of AEDs in schools and at athletic events.

The Value Of Having An AED Readily Available

  • Because the response time of emergency medical personnel can be varied, having an AED readily available allows bystanders to begin life-saving treatment before emergency responders arrive.
  • In recent years, countless lives have been saved across the country as AEDs have become standard on athletic fields, in gymnasiums, and as school emergency medical equipment.
  • Universities such as Notre Dame, Stanford, University of Maryland, and Florida Atlantic University have successfully implemented AED programs on their campuses.
  • Recent legislation throughout the country may require your school district or university to provide an AED.
  • Implementing a sudden cardiac arrest emergency response program not only saves lives but also teaches students life-saving skills.

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