AED For Community Churches

Tragedy Can Strike When You Least Expect It, AEDs Can Provide Immediate Life-Saving Treatment

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike at any time—during work, at a sporting event, or while at church. Without automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and CPR, chances of survival are low. Less than 10% of cardiac victims typically survive, but studies show that up to 50% would survive if CPR and AEDs were used within five minutes of cardiac arrest.1 However, in a typical community setting, victims of sudden cardiac arrest rarely survive because they do not have immediate access to life-saving treatment.

Because approximately 44% of the US population attends regular religious services, there is a good chance that many people could experience sudden cardiac arrest while in church. By placing AEDs in churches, congregation members are able to act as first responders and prevent unnecessary deaths in their communities. Churches can prevent unnecessary tragedy not only during religious services, but also during community gatherings and special events such as weddings or baptisms. Suffering sudden cardiac arrest during a baptism or wedding would ruin the special event and could result in the death of the sufferer. By providing AEDs in churches, church members can begin the life-saving process while waiting on emergency responders to arrive and therefore increase the chances of survival for cardiac arrest victims.

Why You Need An AED To Protect Your Congregation

Here are some of the reasons why more and more churches are making early defibrillation a part of their emergency response plans:

  • The delay in treatment caused by waiting for emergency responders (approximately 9 minutes) could result in death.
  • 95% of people who experience sudden cardiac arrest die as a result, mainly because of delay in treatment.
  • Many churches provide spiritual assistance in today’s world. And now with AEDs widely available and financially accessible, churches can also provide life-saving physical assistance as well.
  • By providing AEDs in churches, congregation members can be assured of their physical and spiritual safety.

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