AED Medical Direction / Medical Oversight

Medical Direction & Oversight

What is Medical Direction/Medical Oversight and why do I need it?

Medical Direction or Medical Oversight refers to state requirements to have a physician managing an AED program. Each state has its own requirements and American AED supports programs in all 50 states.

Even if your state is quiet regarding Medical Oversight or Medical Direction, we have found that our program gives you the best chance of success in responding to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Our comprehensive preparedness and review serve as powerful risk management and quality assurance tools.

American AED Medical Oversight Service powered by MDSI includes the following elements:

Prescription & authorization to purchase AEDs

The FDA requires a prescription authorizing the purchase and use of most AEDs. Our physician will provide a prescription authorizing the purchase and use of an AED for each of your facilities.

Review & approval of AED training plan

The American Heart Association (AHA) has identified training as a key component to a successful early defibrillation program. Initial and refresher training as well as periodic drills help assure that your organization is response ready. We will work with you to develop a training plan that meets your organization’s needs.

AED Response Protocol & Policy / Procedure documents

As an American AED customer, you will be provided with our standard AED Response Protocol as well as a policy and procedure template that you can customize for your organization. If your organization has developed its own protocol and policy, American AED will provide a review and approval of your documents.

Site review to assist with AED placement

American AED’s staff is available to review your site using floor plans and/or blueprints to help identify the best locations to place AEDs in your facilities. During the assessment, we’ll also review other information such as your emergency plan and communication.

Assistance with EMS notification/registration

Many state and local regulations require that your local EMS provider be notified when AEDs are placed in your facility. American AED staff will assist you in determining if these requirements apply to your sites and completing the registration documentation if required.

Ongoing support for your early defibrillation program

American AED’s staff and physicians are available during regular business hours to assist you via telephone and e-mail with your early defibrillation program questions and to provide after-use support when an AED is deployed.

Regulatory and manufacturer updates

American AED monitors regulatory and manufacturer activities and will notify you when we learn of information affecting your AED program.

Post event clinical review of event data and rescuer debriefing

When an AED is used, American AED’s staff will assist you in downloading the event data so that it can be reviewed by one of our board certified physicians. The physician will provide a comprehensive review of the event and provide feedback to your organization and the rescuers involved in the event. Best practices as well as opportunities to strengthen your organization’s response to sudden cardiac arrest will also be identified in the report.