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Sixty-one million Americans have cardiovascular disease, resulting in one million deaths per year. One-third of these deaths are due to cardiac arrest—the sudden and unexpected loss of heart function. Survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest are low and, without immediate treatment, death is imminent. Since the response time for sudden cardiac arrest is critical, many cannot wait for emergency medical personnel to arrive. The use of portable AEDs can therefore make the difference between life and death for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Whether in a hospital or a dental office, medical professionals need to be prepared for unexpected cardiac arrest. By instituting defibrillation programs in medical and dental offices, professionals can more effectively respond to heart-related medical emergencies.

Whether you work in a hospital, private practice, or dental clinic, your patients are susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest. The American Heart Association strongly recommends medical practitioners focus on early defibrillation for victims of cardiac arrest in order to reduce unnecessary deaths. Therefore, AED portable defibrillators are necessary equipment for healthcare professionals because they bolster the likelihood of survival among sudden cardiac arrest victims. American AED’s innovative portable defibrillators can restore a heart’s normal rhythm more effectively than CPR alone, and help ensure a faster, more effective response to heart-related medical emergencies.

AEDs Are Essential In The Healthcare Field

  • Calling 911 is necessary, but the wait for emergency medical professionals may be too long.
  • By providing easy access to AEDs, medical professionals can ensure the safety of their patients at all times.
  • American AED’s low cost allows medical and dental professionals of all budgets provide life-saving treatment.
  • American AED offers comprehensive bundle packages that fit the needs of all healthcare professionals.

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