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American AED Summer Camp First Aid & AED Safety Package

Your Summer Camp First Aid & AED Safety Package Includes:

  • 1 Brand New Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator
  • Lifevac Adult & Child Choking First Aid Device
  • Philips HeartStart FRx Infant/Child Key
  • First-Aid Kit
  • AED Backpack Carry Case
  • 1 Pair Of Smart Pads II
  • 1 Battery With 4 Year Warranty
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick Reference Guide
  • Philips HeartStart Review Express Details
  • 1 FREE HeartStart FRx Carrying Case, a $143.00 value!
  • 1 FREE Demonstration & Training Video
  • 1 FREE Medical Prescription / Authorization Details
  • 1 FREE Premium AED+CPR Responder Kit ($50 value) Details
  • 1 FREE Inspection / Maintenance Tag Details
  • 2 FREE AED “Equipped Facility” Decal / Sticker Details
  • 1 AMERICAN AED Instructional Wall AED Poster Details
  • AMERICAN AED Lifetime Maintenance Notification & Support
  • FREE FedEx Ground Shipping Details

Use coupon code FIREWORKS200 at checkout and Get $200.00 Off.

Use coupon code SMORES200 at checkout and Get $200.00 Off.


Add Individual Virtual CPR/AED Training (Recommended)

Individual CPR/AED/First Aid Training - Virtual

In Stock - Ready To Ship
Our experts are here to assist you.

Your Complete Package Includes Everything You Need To Have In Your AED Kit.

Includes The Philips HeartStart FRx AED.

Also included in your Complete AED package:

AED Package - Lifevac Suction Device
Lifevac Adult/Child Choking First Aid Device
The LifeVac is a portable, easy-to-use airway clearance device designed to save both adults and children during choking emergencies.
AED Package - Philips Infant/Child Key
Philips HeartStart FRx Infant/Child Key
When the key is inserted, the defibrillator adjusts to provide infant/child-specific CPR and AED instructions.
AED Package - First-Aid Kit
First-Aid Kit
This kit includes a series of bandages to treat everything from minor cuts and scrapes to life-threatening bleeding emergencies.
AED Package - Backpack Carry Case
AED Backpack Carry Case
The AED Backpack Carry Case is the perfect emergency preparedness solution for mobile or travel settings. This backpack carry case can store an Automated External Defibrillator, first aid essentials, critical medical supplies, and more.
AED Package - CPR Kit
Premium AED+CPR Responder Kit
The Premium AED+CPR Kit contains:
  • 1 Zippered Red Carry Pouch
  • 1 Clear Mouth-To-Mouth Barrier
  • 1 Pair Of Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 Antiseptic Wipes
  • 2 Absorbent Non Woven Sponge
  • 1 Preparation / Shaving Razor
  • 1 Pair Clothing Shears
AED Package - Maintenance Tag
Inspection / Maintenance Tag
Our specially designed Automated external defibrillator inspection / maintenance tag are like those commonly found with fire extinguishers. Heavy duty 15 mil. vinyl. – Dirt, grease and moisture resistant. – 3/8 inch metal eyelet – Includes an 8 inch cable tie.
AED Package - AED Window / Wall Decal Sticker
AED “Equipped Facility” Wall & Window Decal / Sticker
Let your guests and everyone on your premises know that you’ve secured your facility with an AED Machine. These highly visible decals are printed on weather-proof vinyl and can be placed on any surface such as windows, walls, doors, etc. Measures 4×5 inches.
AED Package - Wall AED Instructional Poster
AMERICAN AED Instructional Wall AED Poster
Another American AED Exclusive – Durable, glossy, UV resistant wall AED poster with user-friendly, easy to follow 1-2-3 step instructions. The optimal placement of this poster is next to the wall AED cabinet. Measures 9×12 inches.
AED Lifetime Support & Maintenance
AMERICAN AED Lifetime Maintenance Notification & Support
As an American AED customer maintaining your AED unit is a breeze! We help you maintain your AED unit by reminding you when the electrode pads and battery need to be replaced. As always, we are available to support you with any questions that you may have regarding your unit.
Free UPS Shipping
FREE UPS Shipping
Your Complete AED Package Includes Free UPS Shipping. All orders ship the same day (orders placed by 6:00PM EST) or within 24hrs excluding weekends and national holidays. Normal delivery time is 2 to 5 business days. UPS Next Day or 2 Day Air delivery services are available upon request, additional charges will apply. Please call to place your order by phone if you require these extra services. Our toll free number is 1-800-884-6480.

Customer Reviews

Philips HeartStart FRx
Side by side. Step by step.

Distributed by American AED

Designed to work where you need it

Lightweight, rugged and reliable, the Philips HeartStart FRx defibrillator can withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, and dusty or wet surfaces. Designed for use in harsh settings. It can withstand up to 500kg (1,100 lbs) and drops from 1.2M (4ft)
Heartstart FRx Used By Military

Patented technology. Proven therapy

Real-time step-by-step voice commands paced to your actions, and an audible metronome and CPR guidance assist the responder. When treating an infant or child, simply insert the optional infant/child key and the FRx adjusts instructions and therapy.
Philips HeartStart FRx AED Used By Lifeguards

Ease of use

Pre-connected SMART Pads II can be used for both adults and children. Once installed and activated, the FRx is easy to maintain. It performs a series of automatic self-tests, daily, weekly, and monthly to check pads readiness and verify functionality and calibration of circuit and systems. It can last up to four years between battery replacements.
FRx Defibrillator In An Athletics Field

Easy as 1-2-3

Philkips FRx Power Button1 Press the green On/Off button which activates voice instructions and visual icons.
FRx Defibrillator Pad Placement2 Place the pads on the patient as directed.
FRx AED Shock Button3 When advised by the device, press the orange Shock button.
Philips FRx AED Machine

Features & Benefits of the Philips HeartStart FRx AED

Designed For Real World UseHighest IP Rating
With an IP rating of 55, the Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is exceptionally rugged. Designed to surpass rigorous testing requirements, the FRx withstands jetting water, loads up to 500 pounds and a one-meter drop onto concrete. It is this ruggedness that makes the FRx a favorite amongst first responders.
Proven TherapySmart Biphasic Technology
The HeartStart FRx Defibrillator’s biphasic waveform delivers a highly effective defibrillation shock that is also gentle to the heart. No other external defibrillation therapy has been supported by more published clinical data. SMART Analysis, a proven Philips technology for heart rhythm assessment, ensures that the FRx Defibrillator only shocks when it should.
Preconnected SMART Pads IIBe Ready When The Need Arises
Pads for all patients. Save valuable time in an emergency with preconnected pads for use on adults and children. SMART Pads II eliminate the expense of having to purchase different pads sets for different patient types. What’s more, SMART Pads II enable the FRx to keep pace with responders by adjusting to their actions.
Infant/Child KeyNo Need For Separate Pads For Children
Simply insert the Infant/Child Key into the FRx to signal to the device that you’re treating an infant or a child. The defibrillator adjusts to provide special pads placement and CPR instructions. The pads icons also flash to show you the appropriate pads placement and the device reduces the shock energy to a level more appropriate for an infant or a child (less than 55 pounds or 8 years of age).
Wireless Data TransferEasily Transmit Your Data
The FRx provides a mobile, wireless solution for data management using the Palm® handheld platform. It features an infrared data port for easy transmission of information without cables or hardwire compatibility issues.
CPR CoachingProvides CPR Instructions
The HeartStart FRx offers the industry’s first and only CPR Coaching feature for use on adults and children. CPR Coaching reminds the responder of CPR basics through detailed voice instructions.

Philips HeartStart FRx – Help Save A Life

For basic life support (BLS) trained responders, there’s nothing more important than saving lives. When the need arises, it is important to quickly and confidently assess many unknowns:
  • What is the patient’s condition?
  • What is the terrain like?
  • What is the treatment protocol?
It is crucial that AEDs be close at hand, ready to go, designed to be easy to use, lightweight and rugged.

The HeartStart FRx defibrillator

  • Is lightweight, rugged and reliable.
  • Includes features to help guide the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest with easy setup, real-time metronome and clear, step-by-step voice commands paced to your actions.
  • Provides CPR instructions for infants and children under 25 kg or 55 lbs or 8 years old, and adults and children over 25 kg or 55 lbs or greater than 8 years old.
  • Has an optional Infant/Child Key; simply insert it and the defibrillator adjusts instruction and therapy eliminating the need for additional infant/child pads.
  • Includes pre-connected SMART Pads II that can be used for both adults and children; SMART Analysis automatically assesses heart rhythm and only delivers a shock if the victim’s rhythm is determined to be treatable by the Philips advanced algorithm, even if the Shock button is pressed.
  • Has Patented Quick Shock feature that allows the FRx to typically deliver a shock within 8 seconds after CPR2.
  • Performs a series of automatic self-tests, daily, weekly, and monthly to check pad readiness and verify functionality and calibration of circuits and systems.
Philips FRx Being Used In Office

For those who get there first.

For more than a century, Philips has pioneered technology that makes life better. Today, we’re taking this commitment one step further, creating products that not only enhance life, but also preserve it. The Philips FRx Defibrillator is the newest member of the HeartStart family of defibrillators designed with new technological advancements to help in treating the most common cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is designed to be easy to use, rugged and reliable for those who get there first. On the scene with law enforcement, on the field with student athletes or on the job with employees, the FRx Defibrillator is the solution for treating SCA from ventricular fibrillation in environments and conditions too demanding for many other defibrillators. The HeartStart FRx Defibrillator carries innovation in its genes. Building on the successes of the other members of the HeartStart family of defibrillators, the FRx brings innovations to the treatment of SCA.

Built on a platform of proven ease-of-use

The HeartStart FRx Defibrillator was designed to be as easy to use as the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator and shares many of its features, including CPR Coaching and intuitive icon-driven operation. Although small and lightweight – just 3.5 pounds – the FRx is equipped to direct you through the resuscitation of a SCA victim. The HeartStart FRx guides you through every step with clear, calm voice commands and descriptive visual icons. The FRx even reminds you to call emergency medical services (EMS). Pressing the blue i-button activates HeartStart CPR Coaching for assistance with CPR.The flashing icons and the Quick Reference Guide can be used to lead you through the defibrillation steps – even in situations where hearing voice instructions is a challenge. Once EMS arrives, hand-off is fast and easy because the FRx is compatible with advanced defibrillators like the HeartStart MRx. With HeartStart adapters, our pads can be plugged into devices from other manufacturers to ensure continuity of care.

Providing a complete, reliable solution

Reliability backed by Philips The HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is powered by an easy to install, long-life (four-year) battery, so you know the device is charged and ready.The device’s automated daily, weekly and monthly self-tests check the pads readiness, and verify functionality and calibration of circuits and systems. With over 85 tests, the FRx is one of the most comprehensive self-testing devices on the market and is virtually maintenance-free. The blinking green “Ready” light on the defibrillator is your assurance that the device is ready for use.

AEDs for COVID-related Cardiac Arrests

Be prepared for a surge in cardiac arrests related to COVID-19

As quarantine orders are lifted and people start to resume their normal activities, Philips is focused on protecting community members who have leftover heart damage caused by COVID-19. Having a Philips HeartStart OnSite or HeartStart FRx AED on hand gives added peace of mind for people with compromised hearts.

The statistics below illustrate how COVID-19 can affect weakened hearts.

Videos – Philips HeartStart FRx