PRESTAN Professional Child Manikin Diversity kit

Your PRESTAN Professional Child Manikin Diversity Kit Package Includes:

  • 4 Brand New Prestan Professional Child Manikins – 2 Medium Skin Tone & 2 Dark Skin Tone
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • CPR Feedback
  • 50 Child Face Shield / Ventilation Lung-Bags
  • Carry Bag
  • Instructions


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    PRESTAN Professional Child Manikin
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    Professional Child Manikin – Diversity Kit

    The PRESTAN Professional Diversity Kits combines both medium and dark skin tone manikins in one collection.

    Each PRESTAN Professional Child Manikin is designed to look like a child verses an adult with less prominent body structures and softer, more childlike facial features. It is smaller and thinner than the PRESTAN Professional Adult Manikin yet still realistic to the eye and the touch with the same CPR feedback features as the Professional Adult Manikin.

    Fully compliant with current industry guidelines, including the most recent AHA Integrated Feedback Directive.

    Available in medium or dark skin tones, with CPR Feedback only and in Single, 4-Pack or 4-Pack Diversity Kit configurations.

    All PRESTAN CPR Training Manikins are Made in the USA.

    PRESTAN Professional Manikin CPR Rate Monitor

    CPR Rate Monitor Diagram Professional Manikin Monitors

    All PRESTAN Professional Manikins are available with a revolutionary CPR Rate Monitor that allows for instant feedback to both instructors and students. The visual feedback from the CPR Rate Monitor gives students a real life feel of delivering 100-120 compressions per minute. Lights continually signal rate progression, confirming compressions are within the 100- 120 cpm range recommended by the Industry Guidelines. The yellow light will blink if the 120 cpm upper limit is exceeded, warning students to slow down. Instructors can monitor several students quickly and easily.

    In addition to the visual CPR Rate Monitor, students will also hear a clicker sound as the chest is pushed to the appropriate depth of 2.0 -2.4 inches allowing them to experience the true force needed to deliver real life chest compressions.

    The CPR Rate Monitor may be purchased separately to upgrade or replace any non-monitored PRESTAN Professional Manikin.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you use a Pocket Mask with the new PRESTAN Professional Manikin?

    The pliable face skin on the PRESTAN Professional Manikin makes it ideal for use with a Pocket Mask.

    Can you use a Pocket Mask with a BVM on the new PRESTAN Professional Manikin?

    You can use either a Pocket Mask alone or a Pocket Mask with a BVM on the PRESTAN Professional Manikin.

    How do you replace the batteries?

    The compartment for the batteries is in the CPR rate monitor, located on the upper left side of the back of the manikin. Once the batteries are replaced, the lid is easily re-inserted by lining up the two tabs on the top of the compartment and pushing the lid into place.

    The CPR Rate Monitor lights on my adult/child manikin are not working properly.

    There are a few things to check when your monitor lights are malfunctioning:

    1. Make sure you are compressing fully, you should hear the clicker when fully compressed.
    2. Ensure two AA batteries are installed in the battery compartment behind the left shoulder of the manikin. Replace batteries and recheck
    3. The clicker, which drives the monitor lights, may be malfunctioning. Contact your distributor for a replacement clicker.

    I have a 4-Pack of Adult/Child Manikins. What is the proper way to pack them into the carry bag?

    Please refer to the PRESTAN Professional Manikin Repacking Help Guide in the PRESTAN Resource Center.

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