PRESTAN Ultralite Manikin 12-Pack

Your PRESTAN Ultralite Manikin 12-Pack Package Includes:

  • 12 Brand New Prestan Ultralite Manikins
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • CPR Feedback
  • 12 CPR Feedback Pistons
  • 150 Ultralite Face Shield / Ventilation Lung-Bags
  • Carry Bag
  • Instructions

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PRESTAN Ultralite Manikins
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Ultralite Manikin

The PRESTAN Ultralite Manikin is our most portable manikin, easy to transport & ship and simple to set up, use & clean.

Available with and without CPR feedback, in convenient and lightweight Single, 4-pack and 12-pack stacks for efficient training-on-the-go. This durable manikin offers an affordable method for CPR training, with all the quality and realism you expect from PRESTAN.

Fully compliant with current industry guidelines, including the most recent AHA Integrated Feedback Directive, if purchased (or upgraded) with the Ultralite CPR Feedback Piston.

Available in medium or dark skin tones, with or without CPR Feedback and in Single, 4-Pack or 12-Pack configurations; also available with or without CPR Feedback in 4-Pack or 12-Pack Diversity Kits.

All PRESTAN CPR Training Manikins are Made in the USA.

PRESTAN Ultralite CPR Feedback Piston

CPR Rate Monitor Diagram Professional Manikin Monitors

The PRESTAN Ultralite Manikin is available with CPR Feedback. The visual feedback from the CPR Feedback Piston gives students a real life feel of delivering 100-120 compressions per minute.

Instructors can monitor several students quickly and easily. When administering CPR slower than 100 compressions per minute, the red LED light will illuminate, letting the student know that they are not performing compressions fast enough. When doing compressions between 100-120 compressions per minute, the LED light will illuminate to a solid green color, letting them know that they are in the ideal compression rate range recommended by Industry Guidelines. A flashing red light signals the student to slow down when they are exceeding 120 compressions per minute.

In addition to the visual CPR Rate Monitor, students will also hear a clicker sound as the chest is pushed to the appropriate depth of 2.0 -2.4 inches allowing them to experience the true force needed to deliver real life chest compressions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Ultralite Manikin weigh?

The PRESTAN Ultralite Manikin units are available in Single (4 pounds), 4-Pack (13 pounds) and 12-Pack(39 pounds). Please check with your PRESTAN Authorized Distributor for availability.

My Ultralite® Manikin gets jammed up when giving compressions.

The Ultralite is specifically designed to promote proper hand position. If you are having problems, please check that your hands are in the proper place and your compression angle is from directly above.

My Ultralite Manikin slides on the floor when doing compressions.

If you are using your Ultralite Manikin on a bare floor, the PRESTAN branded adult manikin shirt is available with a textured back which will prevent the manikin from sliding on smooth surfaces.

Some of the spokes popped out of the Ultralite® Manikin chest.

Simply unscrew the three screws on the chest plate, remove the top half of the chest plate and reset the spokes, replace the top half of the chest plate.

For more detailed instructions, please see the Ultralite® Manikin Installing/Resetting Chest Plate Help Guide in the PRESTAN Resource Center.

Do Ultralite® Manikins comply with the industry guidelines?

The Ultralight Manikin with feedback complies with the 2019 Guideline changes. Ultralite manikins without feedback can be upgraded to meet industry guidelines by purchasing the Ultralite feedback piston.

Please contact your PRESTAN Authorized Distributor for more information.

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