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American AED Church / Community Package

Your Complete Church / Community AED Package Includes:

  • 1 Brand New Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Defibrillator
  • 8 Year Warranty
  • 1 Pair Of Adult Smart Pads
  • 1 Battery With 4 Year Warranty
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick Use Guide
  • Philips HeartStart Review Express Details
  • 1 FREE Philips HeartStart OnSite Carrying Case
  • 1 FREE AED Demonstration & Training Video
  • 1 FREE Premium AED+CPR Responder Kit ($50 value) Details
  • 1 FREE Inspection / Maintenance Tag Details
  • 1 FREE AED “Equipped Facility” Decal / Sticker Details
  • 1 Double Sided Flanged AED Sign
  • 1 Premium AED Storage Wall Cabinet
  • 1 AMERICAN AED Instructional Wall AED Poster Details
  • AMERICAN AED Lifetime Maintenance Notification & Support
  • FREE FedEx Ground Shipping Details

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Recommended Add Ons

Premium Trauma/First Aid Kit

AED Management Program (1 Year Subscription)

LifeVac Adult and Child Choking First Aid Device

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Your Complete Church Package Includes Everything you need to set-up your own AED station.

Includes a Wall Cabinet and Double Sided AED Sign to store, display, and quickly locate the AED when needed.

Note: If your church / place of worship has young children, 8 years old or younger and/or 55lbs and under, consider adding a set of infant / child smart pads. (Adult pads are used for adults or children 8 years old and older and/or 55lbs and OVER. Infant / child smart pads are for children 8 years old or younger and/or 55lbs and UNDER)).

Also included in your Complete AED package:

AED Package - CPR Kit
Premium AED+CPR Responder Kit

The Premium AED+CPR Kit contains:

  • 1 Zippered Red Carry Pouch
  • 1 Clear Mouth-To-Mouth Barrier
  • 1 Pair Of Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 Antiseptic Wipes
  • 2 Absorbent Non Woven Sponge
  • 1 Preparation / Shaving Razor
  • 1 Pair Clothing Shears
AED Package - Maintenance Tag
Inspection / Maintenance Tag

Our specially designed Automated external defibrillator inspection / maintenance tag are like those commonly found with fire extinguishers. Heavy duty 15 mil. vinyl. – Dirt, grease and moisture resistant. – 3/8 inch metal eyelet – Includes an 8 inch cable tie.

AED Package - AED Window / Wall Decal Sticker
AED "Equipped Facility" Wall & Window Decal / Sticker

Let your guests and everyone on your premises know that you’ve secured your facility with an AED Machine. These highly visible decals are printed on weather-proof vinyl and can be placed on any surface such as windows, walls, doors, etc. Measures 4x5 inches.

AED Package - Double Sided AED Sign
Double Sided Flanged AED Sign

Double sided. Printed on both sides. This highly visible AED sign clearly marks the location of your Automated External Defibrillator. Impact-resistant, rounded corners. Measures: 8x11 inches.

AED Package - American AED Premium Wall Cabinet
Premium AED Wall Storage Cabinet - New Item

Store, display, and quickly locate the AED when needed. Easily installs in minutes. Ships pre-assembled ready to mount on any wall surface. Durable, lightweight, impact-resistant, rounded corners, crystal clear acrylic window. Measures: W:13.7" H: 14.9" D: 7.5" .

AED Package - Wall AED Instructional Poster
AMERICAN AED Instructional Wall AED Poster

Another American AED Exclusive - Durable, glossy, UV resistant wall AED poster with user-friendly, easy to follow 1-2-3 step instructions. The optimal placement of this poster is next to the wall AED cabinet. Measures 9x12 inches.

AED Package - AED Management Program
OPTIONAL / AED Management Program

A comprehensive program that keeps abreast of evolving AED legislation. Ensuring that your organization is compliant, protected, and prepared.

AED Lifetime Support & Maintenance
AMERICAN AED Lifetime Maintenance Notification & Support

As an American AED customer maintaining your AED unit is a breeze! We help you maintain your AED unit by reminding you when the electrode pads and battery need to be replaced. As always, we are available to support you with any questions that you may have regarding your unit.

Free FedEx Ground Shipping
FREE FedEx Ground Shipping

Your Complete AED Package Includes Free FedEx Ground Shipping *. All orders ship within 24-48 hours, when in stock, (orders placed by 3:00PM EST) excluding weekends and national holidays. Normal delivery time is 2 to 5 business days. Expedited shipping is available upon request, additional charges will apply. Please call to place your order by phone if you require these extra services. Our toll free number is 1-800-884-6480.

* Alaska and Hawaii - orders to Alaska and Hawaii are subject to additional shipping fees. If the final cost of shipping exceeds what is shown after the online checkout, you will be contacted to discuss the additional charge and request for payment.

Included In The Optional, Upgraded Emergency Ready Hub Cabinet:

Onsite AED Package - Emergency Ready Hub
Emergency Ready Hub – First Aid & AED Cabinet

The American AED Emergency Ready Hub conveniently and safely stores everything you need to be prepared for a wide variety of critical situations. From sudden cardiac arrest and bleeding emergencies, to critical choking and fire scenarios, this kit has everything you need to be ready to respond.

AED Package - Lifevac Suction Device
Lifevac Adult/Child Choking First Aid Device
The LifeVac is a portable, easy-to-use airway clearance device designed to save both adults and children during choking emergencies.
American AED - Standard First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit
This kit includes a series of bandages to treat everything from minor cuts and scrapes to life-threatening bleeding emergencies.
American AED - Bleeding Control Kit
Bleeding Control Kit
This bleeding control kit contains emergency medical items for use in stopping and treating major bleeding injuries.
Hero Fire Spray
Hero Fire Spray
Hero Fire Spray will help you deal with small fire accidents and stop them before turning into bigger disasters.
Be prepared for power outages with this reliable, high-intensity LED flashlight featuring variable focus and a rugged casing.

Customer Reviews

Tragedy Can Strike When You Least Expect It, An AED in Your Church Provides Immediate Life-Saving Treatment

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike at any time—during work, at a sporting event, or while at church. In a typical community setting, victims of sudden cardiac arrest rarely survive because they do not have immediate access to life-saving treatment, but studies show that more than half would survive if an AED and CPR had been used within five minutes of cardiac arrest.

Because a large part of the American population attends regular religious services, there is a good chance that many people could experience sudden cardiac arrest while at church. By placing AEDs in churches, congregation members are able to act as first responders and prevent unnecessary deaths in their communities. Churches can prevent unnecessary tragedy during religious services, community gatherings and special events such as baptisms or weddings. By providing AEDs in churches, church members can begin the life-saving process while waiting for emergency responders to arrive and therefore increase the chances of survival for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

Why You Need An AED Kit For Your Church To Protect Your Congregation

Here are some of the reasons why more and more churches are making AEDs a part of their emergency response plans:

  • Many people who experience sudden cardiac arrest die as a result, mainly because of the delay in treatment due to waiting for emergency responders.
  • Many churches provide spiritual assistance in today’s world, now with AEDs widely available and financially accessible, churches can also provide life-saving assistance and congregation members can be assured of their spiritual and physical safety.
Church AED Package - Philips AED Defibrillator
Philips HeartStart Defibrillators - OnSite AED Package

American AED Church Package – AED Unit Details

Modern. Simple. Easy to Use.

Features & Benefits of the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED

Activate & Rescue Intuitive and User-Friendly

The Phillips HeartStart OnSite AED helps to eliminate concerns that a layperson and nonmedical personnel might have regarding rescue. Voice commands and diagrams guide users seamlessly with concise instructions that are easy to follow, including how to:

  • Attach the OnSite SMART Pads
  • Be Rescue-Ready, if shock rescue is required
Built-In Life-Saving Elements SMART Biphasic Therapy

The user can safely administer a rescue shock thanks to SMART Biphasic Therapy. By deploying a high current in combination with a lower energy dose, the innovative Philips therapy is designed to help minimize potential side effects and/or risks to the heart.

Guided Survival Steps CPR and Shock Therapy

Providing CPR for an individual in crisis is essential to the rescue process. Shock following chest compression is the next step. The Philips HeartStart OnSite AED includes a Quick Shock feature to help minimize chest compression interruptions and shorten the time it takes for the defibrillator user to call for “hands-off” and perform rescue/shock delivery.

Show and Tell Voice Cues: Calm in Crisis

Included with the easy-to-understand voice cues is a visual helper that is self-explanatory — a diagram of the upper torso that guides the user where to correctly place the Onsite SMART Pads on the bare chest of the individual in crisis.

AED Coaching at Your Pace Aligned with the User’s Action

The voice cues of the Philips HeartStart Onsite AED are delivered in an easy-to-follow manner that is calm, clear and concise. These instructions also stay in pace with the user in order to go step-by-step with rescue and CPR instructions.

Rescue-Ready 24/7 AED Self-Tests Internal Circuitry

The Philips HeartStart OnSite AED is designed to evaluate itself to ensure it is properly function through daily, weekly and monthly test cycles that evaluate its internal circuitry—conducting 85 tests—including evaluating the lithium battery and Onsite SMART Pads.

Heart Rhythm Assessment Life-Saving OnSite SMART Pads

The step-by-step directions help the user to understand how to place the OnSite Smart Pads on the individual in crisis. Once in place, the heart rhythm assessment is programmed to determine whether to rescue/shock or not to rescue/shock.

Patented Quick Shock Fast Rescue Deployment

Philips HeartStart Onsite AED is a leader for delivering rescue/shock treatment after CPR in just eight seconds.

Infant/Child SmartRecognizes Infant/Child OnSite SMART Pads

The Philips HeartStart Onsite AED recognizes when the Infant/Child SMART Pads are installed and automatically lowers the defibrillator level. It also automatically changes the voice prompts to provide the user with CPR instructions for an infant/child.

Church AED Package - Philips OnSite
AED Defibrillator Being Used During Covid

AEDs for COVID-related Cardiac Arrests

Be prepared for a surge in cardiac arrests related to COVID-19

As quarantine orders are lifted and people start to resume their normal activities, Philips is focused on protecting community members who have leftover heart damage caused by COVID-19. Having a Philips HeartStart OnSite or HeartStart FRx AED on hand gives added peace of mind for people with compromised hearts.

The statistics below illustrate how COVID-19 can affect weakened hearts.

Philips OnSite AED In Free Carrying Case

Church / Community – Frequently Asked Questions

My church has many activities for preschoolers, can this machine be used on children?

Yes, there is an Infant/child pads cartridge (Philips HeartStart OnSite Child Smart Pads) designed for children under eight years of age or weighing under 55lbs.

Our church does not have a credit or debit card, how can we order the AED Church Package?

American AED gladly accepts checks and money orders, you can place the order by adding the Church Package on top of this page to your cart and proceeding to the checkout page, don’t forget to use your discount code for churches (“churchaed”), on the checkout page select “Mail in Check” as your payment option. After submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on mailing in your check or money order.

I just bought a Philips HeartStart OnSite AED defibrillator, how do I maintain it?

The Philips HeartStart Onsite AED is virtually maintenance-free, it conducts a daily automatic self-test of its internal circuitry, shock delivery system, pads cartridge and battery capacity.

Do I need to replace the pads on my Philips OnSite AED?

Yes, after every rescue attempt is performed. If no rescue attempt has been made, the disposable Smart Pads (both adult & children) has a 2-year effective life-span and will need to be replaced.

Does this AED machine need to be plugged into a power outlet?

No, the Philips Onsite uses a disposable lithium battery that has a 4 to 5-year life span.

Does the Philips HeartStart Onsite talk to you, give you audible instructions?

Yes, once it is turned on, it will give you step-by-step voice prompts that are repeated and even rephrased to help you understand what to do.
It’s just like having a doctor next to you telling you what to do.

How easy is it to use the Philips Onsite in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest?

The Philips Onsite was designed to be used by a layperson. It provides voice prompts that guide you through the entire rescue process. Once the electrode pads are placed on the victim’s bare skin the Onsite AED will deliver a shock only if necessary.

Is there a manufacturer warranty for the Onsite?

The Philips HeartStart Onsite has an 8-year warranty.
Click here for details.

Videos – HeartStart OnSite (M5066A)