A step-by-step guide for the four AHA-recommended steps. Available in adult, child and infant sizes.

CPRWrap® Aid – Adult, Child, Infant CPR Kit

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What Is The CPR Wrap?

Felicia Jackson was a medical professional certified in CPR when her two-year-old son stopped breathing in the back seat of her car. She immediately pulled over the car and started to attend to him, but as she saw her child struggling, she froze. Unable to properly remember what she needed to do to save his life. Luckily her husband was there and took action, saving their son’s life.

Felicia realized after that incident, that in high stress situations even a medical professional with over 20 years of experience can use some help. With cardiac arrest being a leading cause of death in the US, Felicia made it her goal to help both rescuers and victims. Her innovative product, the CPRWrap, empowers anyone to properly perform CPR at a moment’s notice, giving victims a better chance at survival.

CPRWrap Diagram

“Emergency situations cause panic, leaving people unsure how to help. I hope CPR Wrap empowers people to save lives.” – Felicia Jackson, Inventor & Owner

CPRWrap Diagram

Designed to Save Lives

  • Everyday Hero: the CPR Wrap features easy to follow instructions that are both illustrated and numbered. Graphics and notations tell the user exactly how to perform each step of the four American Heart Association recommended steps for CPR.
    • The CPR Wrap shows individuals proper compression placement, form, rate, and depth allowing empowering anyone to save a life.
    • A stationary one-way mouthpiece protects users from bodily fluids when giving breaths during CPR.
  • AED Compatible: this rescue tool is designed to work in tandem with an AED. High quality CPR and a defibrillator shock are the central pillars to increasing sudden cardiac arrest survival rates, making the CPR Wrap an ideal accessory to any AED package.
  • 3 Sizes Available: CPR can be needed at any moment by people of any age, after all Felicia Jackson’s son was only two years old when he needed to be rescued. This is why the CPR Wrap comes in 3 sizes fitting the needs of any patient: adult, child, and infant.
    • Adult: Ages 8 & up
    • Child: Ages 1-8
    • Infant: Ages 12 months & under
CPRWrap Usage

Accessibility Improving Survival Rates

  • Available Anywhere: packaged for convenience, its compact design makes it easy to store as well as carry. Keeping several sizes in your home, school, office, or building is a great investment in safety. CPR Wraps are small and lightweight enough to carry in your purse or bookbag, keeping you prepared everywhere you go.
    • Out of hospital cardiac arrests have a fatality rate of 90%. Immediate CPR can double or triples a victim’s chances of survival. The CPR Wrap can empower people to perform high quality CPR, helping increase survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Value Driven: the CPR Wrap comes with potentially lifesaving value and is priced at just $14.99. The CPR Wrap does not expire either, making it a crucial addition to any home or organization’s first aid/safety collection.


  • Step-by-step guide for the four AHA-recommended steps
  • Visual guides ensure proper hand placement
  • One-way valve mouth barrier protects from contaminants
  • Medical-grade plastic (latex-free) materials
  • Easy-to-open package for quick access in a medical emergency
  • AED compatible
  • FDA-registered
  • CE marked

Ideal safety solution for

  • Homes and vehicles
  • Personal preparedness: small enough to be left in a bag/purse
  • Educational Facilities : pre-schools, K-12 schools, universities, etc.
  • Office and business buildings
  • Parks and recreational centers
  • Community centers
  • Gyms, pools, sports facilities
  • Boats and marine vessels
  • Restaurants

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